10 Ways to Increase Sales and Lead Generation

10 Ways to Increase Sales and Lead Generation

Want to increase your company’s profitability from your website? Generating traffic is only half the battle. You can spend months focusing on doubling traffic to your website, but if you don’t have compelling offers, effective calls-to-action , and convincing lead nurturing campaigns, you won’t have a way to turn that traffic into leads and ultimately profits.

Here are 25 ways you can increase website conversions, not only to the point of becoming a lead, but to the point of becoming a qualified lead.

How to Improve your Calls-to-Action

1. Improve Positioning of Your Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Calls-to-action do best “above the fold” – the space of your webpage viewable to the user without having to scroll down.  According to heat map analysis , anything “below the fold” will only be viewed by 50% of people who view your page. Doubling impressions on your CTAs can significantly increase your website leads. 

2. Be More Clear About What You’re Offering

Be crystal clear about what the offer is in your CTA. And be specific. If you’re giving away a free guide, say “ Download our FREE guide to X ”. If you’re hosting a free webinar, say “Register for our FREE webinar on X.” X should clearly convey a compelling benefit of receiving the offer. This is much more effective than “Download Now” or “Get a Free Article.” These simply aren’t specific enough.

3. Use Images Rather Than Only Text so it Stands Out

Images stand out on a webpage more than text does, and get a lot more attention, as proven by the heat map study . Additionally, using an image will allow you to show off the offer in a way you can’t necessarily convey using text alone.

4. Use Colors that Contrast with Your Site Color Scheme

Your web designer might kick and scream about this, but if your call-to-action blends in too much with your site design, it won’t stand out as much. You want as many eyeballs to land on that call-to-action as possible, so use contrasting colors to make the CTA stand out.

5. Make your CTA a Hyperlink to the Corresponding Landing Page

You’d be surprised by how many times I’ve seen calls-to-action that aren’t links. Whether intentional or a matter of forgetfulness, the lack of a link will make it much harder for visitors to find out how to get the offer, and they’ll likely give up. So double, triple, and quadruple check to make sure all of your CTAs link to their corresponding landing pages.

6. Place CTAs on the Most Relevant Pages

CTAs shouldn’t be one size fits all. If your company offers various products or services, you may want to consider creating a different offer for each. Then you can place CTAs linking to each offer on the website pages that are most relevant to that offer.

7. Add CTAs to Each Blog Post

Whenever you create a new blog content, choose an offer that’s the most relevant to that blog post. Then add a call-to-action to the bottom of that blog post linking to the landing page for that offer. Informational offers such as ebooks, guides, and webinars do very well in this space, because people reading your blog would likely be eager to get more free information from you.

How to Improve Landing Pages

8. Match the Headline of the Landing Page to the Corresponding CTA

Keep your messaging consistent on both your CTA and the headline of the landing page. If people click a link for a free offer and then find out there’s a catch on the landing page, you’ll instantly lose their trust. Similarly, if the headline reads differently than the CTA, it might lead to confusion, and the user might wonder if the CTA is linked to the wrong page.

9. Be More Clear About What You’re Offering

This is the biggest mistake I see in landing pages. People often try to be too clever or witty in the headline, and it’s not clear what the offer actually is. Again, if you’re giving away a free guide, say “Download our FREE Guide to Improving X”. Plain and simple.

10. Improve the Positioning of the Form

Just like you want to have your call-to-action above the fold, it’s ideal for the form to be above the fold as well. This way, there can’t be any confusion as to what’s expected from the viewer on this page: they need to fill out the form to get what you’re offering. 


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