Start Ups

The biggest challenge for any Dreamer, Wanna-be-preneur is to learn the starting point to start a Start-Up and the complications involved in any business; and that is the place where we tap in.

We understand Start-Ups and the market too.

We prepare and build Start Ups.

Business Acceleration Consultancy

In the acceleration program, the startup gets access to expertise and resources form venture capital firms such as mentorship, marketing study, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels, and financing. We provide full training and consultancy for the startups to prepare and improve their investor’s pitch and get the investors feedback and funding as well.
Salient features of Business Acceleration Consultancy are:

  • Mentorship
  • Consultation
  • Network
  • Strategic Development
  • Access to Angel Investors and VC Firms
  • Fund Raising

Business Incubation Consultancy

Business incubators are equipped to creating a collaborative environment where under-resourced members have access to the space and services needed to build or grow a successful business. Incubators also facilitates the start-up firms and small businesses with an entrepreneurial environment, professional network, savvy mentors and critical resources to develop and grow successful businesses.
We prepare the businesses to increase their chances of acceptance in a successful business incubation program of leading firms with proven business graduate history.

Our Start Up Consultancy Services include


Business Counseling
& Coaching

Fund Raising

Business Management

Corporate Profiling
& Branding

Marketing &
Advertising Consultancy

Risk Management

Strategical Analysis


Corporate Verification
& Due Diligence

Regulatory Requirements
& Approvals Consultation

Business Profile, Proposals
Contracts & Drafts

Let’s Talk Business