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Mahandru Associates LLC with its GLOCAL (Global Presence with Local Expertise) background and proficiency offers a unique reach to its international pool of potential investors to expedite the whole process and finalize the Business Liquidation transaction faster than ever. We are committed to make an ease and provide full satisfaction to entrepreneurs to liquidate a business portfolio on a right value and on a right time.

Our philosophy and strategy culminate the hassle within the Business Liquidation process which can be characterized as below;

Comprehensive Business Analysis

We provide complete business analysis, to scrutinize business operation, finances, market potential, and trends.

Business Valuation

Business valuation helps to make an informed decision when it comes to business liquidation. We at Mahandru Associates LLC provides a FREE complimentary valuation to qualified businesses.

Business Advertisement

A detailed marketing and advertisement business campaigns ensure quick liquidation. We at Mahandru Associates LLC make the business advertisement in a most confidential way to open public and its own list f handpicked industry veteran investors.

Business Negotiation

Identifying a qualified investor and have a business negotiation is boring but responsible work. We understand the seriousness of business negotiation and are fully equipped to liquidate the business in a cost-effective way.

Business Transfer

Once negotiations are done, and investor and entrepreneurs are agreed on terms and conditions, the business needs to be transferred to the new investor. Mahandru Associates LLC ensure the smooth closing of the transaction.

Liquidation Process


Business knowledge
and valuation


Offer in market
for consideration


Identifying the Investor’s
profile and background




Signing of
the Deal



Business Consultant Role

  • Consultant do a complete business analysis and figure out the best potential value.
  • Consultant market the business in open market and to its private data base of potential investors.
  • Strict adherence to Confidentiality and privacy policy.
  • Business consultant follows on letter of intent and business negotiations while maintaining complete confidentiality.
  • Signing and completing all documents related to business liquidation.
  • Ensure smooth business handover.
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