Retail & Distribution Consultancy

  • Starting Up a New Retail Outlet?
  • Need Management Support for your Retail Outlet?
  • Expanding existing Retail Network?
  • Looking for Distribution Network?

You have the resources. We have the experience.


Mahandru Associates is an independent retail and distribution channel consulting firm.

We help businesses and brands to manage and improve their supply chain network, designing of their warehousing, establishing their distribution network, analyzing the product performance by gathering customer experiences and feedback.

Our brand consultants, retail engineers and commercial analysts study your business; identify and compare alternatives (processes, systems, infrastructure and labor); design highly efficient, flexible, and scalable retail and supply chain operations; and protect your interests at all times.

We are equipped to cater corporate, large, prestigious, publicly traded companies, as well as small- and mid-sized, privately held firms that seek to add value, reduce cost, assure quality, compress time, and achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority.

  • The Customer Experience.
  • Sales Report Analysis.
  • POS System Implementation & Integration.
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning.
  • Brand Image & Management.
  • Foot Traffic & Conversion Rates.
  • Cost Minimization & Profit Maximization.
  • Inventory Levels & Turnover.
  • Supply Chain Consulting, Strategy & Network Optimization
  • Team Management & Coaching.
  • Competitive Analysis.
  • E-commerce Channel Integration.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Omnichannel Strategy Advisory.
  • Warehouse Design & Warehousing Solution.
  • Product Tagging & Digitalization
  • Catalog Designing & Consultancy
  • Inventory & Stock Computation
  • Distribution Network Planning
  • Operations Audits & Best Practice Gap Analysis
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Retail Store Replenishment
  • Benchmarking, Performance Metrics & Organizational Analysis

Scope of Service

Mahandru Associates is veteran in an extensive diversity of industries and market channels. The results of our retail and distribution network and consultancy initiatives range from the functionally pragmatic to some of the most innovative, technologically advanced, and tactically superior supply-chain operations on the planet.

Customer-centric retailing is mandatory in the age of Amazon and digital commerce. Successful retail operations must exceed expectations at each point of the customer journey and at every point of interaction.
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