At Mahandru Associates LLC, we believe that our corporate staff strength is a real organizational asset and a key to deliver our commitment to provide excellence in quality. We passionately implement, instigate and exceed expectations.

We are on the constant lookout for dedicated, talented, passionate and determined professionals who share our vision, our passion, and are eager to contribute to our mission.

Mahandru Associates LLC is excited to have you as part of the MAHANDRU family.  Mahandru Associates is committed to maintain a highly motivated working environment. As part of the team, we hope you will discover that, the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of your career here.




Mahandru Associates LLC determines the policies relating to workforce planning, recruitment, internal transfers, job descriptions, classification, evaluation, hiring and term of appointment including additional duties and secondment. Mahandru Associates LLC is committed to recruiting the right employees, for the right positions in an efficient and effective manner.


Mahandru Associates LLC conducts the Interview as a mandatory process of hiring and it has to be face to face and in person only. No candidate shall be employed without first being interviewed by a selection committee. The committee shall, at a minimum, contain the supervisor for the area plus one other.


The selection process seeks to identify the best candidate based on merit. Human Resources must ensure that there is no discrimination as equal opportunity employer. Nevertheless, Human Resources have discretion in the relative weighting of selection criteria (criteria should be based on the responsibilities, duties, skills, and competencies specified in the job description), the judgment of the merits of candidates against those criteria, and in the assessment of potential or ability to perform other duties.

Reference / Background Checks

All recruitment is subject to a minimum of two – reference checks from previous employers (in case the candidate has worked in two organizations previously). The selection of the employers will be as per HR Department request.

As a process of background check, HR Department might ask the candidate to furnish the followings;

  • Background check
  • Police clearance report
  • Latest bank statement
  • Score card / performance report from previous employer

Orientation & On Boarding

Employee orientation should be an ongoing learning process, ideally starting on the employee’s first day, to help understand the job and performance expectations, division and department goals and priorities, corporate goals and organizational policy.


Mahandru Associates LLC takes the growth of its employees and staffs very seriously, which is strictly in adherence to Performance & Discipline Management.

Performance Management covers policies relating to performance evaluation and progression through the salary grades. It helps to provide open communication channels between the employee and his/her immediate supervisor through goal setting, performance evaluation and feedback.

Performance management helps to ensure that salary progression, contract renewal and employment continuation decisions are transparent and based on a mutual understanding of evaluation criteria.  Additionally, performance management informs decisions regarding training and development needs and opportunities.


  • Competitive Salary & Remuneration Package
  • Attractive Performance Incentives and Appreciation
  • Yearly Bonus
  • Job Security & Stability
  • Comprehensive Health Plans
  • Culture of Learning & Personality Development
  • Well-being at Work
  • Enhanced Paternity/Maternity Programs
  • Offsites and Happy Hours

Job Openings

Job Position Title Location Department Date
PR Manager & Content Writer Alexandria, VA – USA PR & Marketing November 10, 2019
Digital Marketing Executive Fairfax, VA – USA PR & Marketing June 1, 2020
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