Successful transformation to a strong global brand is a result of the consistent implementation of business strategy for sustainability, profitability, and growth.
We at Mahandru Associates under it all and believe that successful businesses need forward-thinking solutions to ensure measurable growth. We provide business consulting, advisory, management and support with specialties to suit the complex nature of our corporate clients. We help optimize performance through effective planning and implementation and bring the clarity needed for our clients to make sound, well-informed decisions.

Our corporate consulting framework covers:

  • Expanding existing business
  • Sourcing of new business opportunities
  • Increasing of sales-revenue
  • Improving company-image
  • Leveraging economies of scale
  • Mergers and acquisition
  • Building a stronger global footprint
  • Geographical expansion

We assist corporates in

Achieving a tailored market assessment

Achieving a successful market entry implementation

Protection of intellectual property

Complying with statutory law

Enhance sustainability in new business environment

Revenue Growth & Cost Optimization

Traditional approaches for revenue growth & cost optimization is no longer sufficient. Companies must look at disruptive ways to create new revenue streams even if it meant cannibalizing their traditional cash cows. Usually, disrupting or transforming revenue channels will require data, technology, and the ability to automate decision making. This will improve customer engagement while maximizing value creation.

All established businesses are facing pressures for cost optimization. Shareholders are demanding higher profits; competition is driving prices lower; market forces are raising cost drivers. No matter the reason, companies must reduce spending while maximizing business value. In order to drive such cost optimization initiatives, companies must look at simplifying operations, removing redundant work, and identifying automation opportunities.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Blockchain are revolutionizing all aspects of the business. Through Digital Transformation, companies are able to look at existing business practices in a completely new light.

Our experts are leading the companies through such transformation efforts to realize enhanced customer experience, optimized costs, and diversified business channels.

Statistical models are utilized to develop projections.

Management Consultancy

Management consulting practice can assist in improving and maintain employee & customer satisfaction,
streamline business processes, and increase your company’s overall performance.

We analyze business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks and advise step-by-step-solutions that will enhance your organization.

A whole range of management consulting services encompasses:

  • Integrated Management System
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Financial Advisory and Risk Management
  • Procedural Engineering
  • Investment Advisory & Management
  • Internal Policy Formulation
  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies
  • Revenue Growth & Cost Optimization
  • Business Consulting & Auditing
  • Strategic Plans Development
  • Mergers & Acquisition Planning
  • Competitive Analysis & Growth Strategy
  • Financial Module & Feasibility Analysis
  • Human Resource Management & Consultancy
  • Performance Analysis & Reports
  • Quality & Standardization Consultancy
  • Business Transitions & Turnarounds
  • Professional & Management Trainings
  • Organizational Restructuring & Management
  • Compensation Plans Development
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