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Mahandru Associates LLC with its vast experience and expertise, understand the indulgent objectives of the Investors, and is fully equipped to find the best fit when it comes to business merger or acquisition.

Our scope of business advisory and consultancy services facilitates both the first-time investor who is intimidated by the process of business acquisition or investment or a serial investor and entrepreneur who needs an additional ongoing support and services in making an informed business decision.
We are committed to make an ease and provide full satisfaction to investors to make the business acquisition on a true value and on a right time.

We offer a wide array of services for the Investors to find the right choice of their Investment.


Making a business investment is very critical decision and choosing the right opportunity to make an informed business investment decision is another serious task. We at Mahandru Associates LLC understand the clear motive, financial capability, skills and expertise and with its wide market search infrastructure tempt to find the best suitable opportunity as per investor’s key objective.

Analysis & Advisory

Finding the business opportunity from the available tank, is just not enough even though it matches the investors requirements. Every independent business opportunity needs to be analyzed standalone to evaluate if it’s a right fit. We provide detailed business analysis and advisory services so the investment risk can be minimized.


Valuation is very vital part of quantifying the potential value of any business opportunity. As independent, third party we provide balanced and neutral business valuation services to gauge the business worth.

Investor Representation

In most of the cases, Investors are usually encouraged to distance their selves from getting engaged into the basic nitty-gritty and hand over the process to the best experts. We at Mahandru Associates LLC provide full-service investor’s representation to ensure a smooth transaction and secure investor’s rights.

Business Negotiation

Making the business negotiation to match the investment size with true potential and market value of the business is an essential deal making or breaking stage. With our market knowledge and negotiation skills, we ensure the investor crack the deal at best possible value.

Due Diligence

At every stage of the whole process, we make necessary due diligence and keep a close record to ensure the whole process and particularly documentation part is taken care of.

Business Transfer

Successfully Transferring Business Ownership involves the detailed documentation such as NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), SPA (Sale Purchase Agreement), Regulatory & Business Registration Documentation, Investor Profile, Lease Transfer, Ownership Transfer, Handing Over and Taking Over, Books Clearance and Training Material. We at Mahandru Associates LLC are fully committed to ensure all documentation for ownership transfer are fully standardized.

Management Consultancy

Post business acquisition, making right infrastructural changes is key to success for the new venture. We at Mahandru Associates LLC offer complete array of management consulting services including organizational restructuring, process re-engineering, HR manuals, drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), growth planning and increasing revenue streams with cost minimization.

Business Acquisition and Investment Process




Recognizing the
investment objective


Non-Disclosure and
confidentiality agreement


Identifying the
right opportunity




Offer or letter
of intent




Signing off
the deal



Business Consultant Role

  • Consultant realizes the Investor’s requirements and objectives.
  • Consultant finds the most suitable business opportunity.
  • Consultant performs necessary due diligence.
  • Consultant represents the Investor in the whole process.
  • Consultant performs the business valuation and process negotiations.
  • Consultant finalizes the final deal and ensures smooth documentation.
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