4 Ways To Boost Traffic During Holiday Seasons On E-commerce Websites

4 Ways To Boost Traffic During Holiday Seasons On E-commerce Websites

The holiday season is in full swing and so is e-commerce spending. This is a global trend and every e-commerce scenario is no exception to this. There are a variety of holidays being celebrated around the world, such as Raksha Bandan (the sibling festival), Diwali (festival of lights), Christmas, Valentines Day and so on. With every festival, there are certain products as gifts or for our own use. With Diwali, Christmas and new year around the corner, there are useful tricks and tips to leverage any holiday sales. We need to constantly keep working on so many tactics to boost traffic and sales on our site.

Since the year end is nearing everybody is in a celebratory mood and thus has a bigger pocket. Many plan on buying various products and gifts. They would usually splurge at this time of the year because there are numerous discounts available on almost every site.

Shopping Online Background

There are so many e-commerce sites that are competing against one another  to be at the top. So what can you do to make your e-commerce site stand out to the rest?

How To Boost Traffic On Your Site

There is no doubt that some companies are performing better than others. It could be the brand recognition, innovation, market share or other attributes that make a company stand out. Most of the time, people buy a particular product because of brand recognition. For example, Levi’s. People would rather buy Levi’s compared to a brand they have never heard of. When Levi’s has their year-end sale, their revenue would be way higher compared to that ‘no brand’. This is because of brand recognition.

Most of the companies face the problem of generating traffic on their website. Companies need to realise that, sometimes people do not care about your website. But, with the right content and the right designs at the right time would attract them to spend more time on the site. In return, they will be pleased and end up being your customers. The right content will generate traffic, leads and sales.

4 Ways To Boost Traffic And Sales During Holiday Season

  1. Decorate Your Homepage According To  The Festive Occasion

    We need to set the right mood for the approaching holiday season. By decorating your site as you do your homes and stores will result in more traffic. You can do multiple things to make your e-store more lively and therefore spread the holiday spirit.

    • Change your site background theme with holiday cheer related graphics
    • Use festive colors like red, white, golden, sky blue or more to match up to the color scheme of the holiday season
    • You can also give your logo a twist, like for example add a Santa Claus hat with your business logo or place a Christmas tree besides it for a Christmas holiday.
    • Design and decorate your homepage and festive offers with festive emoji’s like Santa Claus, fireworks, rain dears, ribbons etc.



    To decorate your site, you can use the ‘ready-made’ design templates or you can design it once and save it for the future use. Decide how long would you like the design to be up on the site. Remember to avoid making your site bulky which will load slowly. Please don’t forget that people get turned off just by waiting for the page to load. It should be able to load in a fraction of a second. Also, potential customers would not like cluttered pages. Simple, elegant and straight to the point will do the trick.

  2. Offer Extra Exclusive Discounts

    Every online retailer has secretive discount schemes. To increase your sales, brands and businesses can benefit  more by creating a festive theme and offering an additional exclusive discount to up-sell.


    The complete concept of this campaign seems extremely appealing. Starting from the campaign to the banner design which have already been themed with detailed information about the products on sale.

  3. Cash Back Offer

    Though this is a new trick, it seems to have a fabulous potential to boost traffic and the holiday sales. With this method, you can give your customers a percentage of cash back on every order. You have to credit the amount to the customer’s account as a gift voucher which can be redeemed on their account within a certain time limit. This also works as a gift voucher for the same customer. Not only that, it will help you to increase repeated purchases by old customers as they wouldn’t want to lose out on their available credit.

  4. Offer Free Gift Wrapping

    Today since most potential customers are buying their gifts online, many don’t have the time to do extra stuff like wrapping a gift. They would appreciate a certain product wrapped. This would take away a small burden off their heads. It would be highly appreciated. It is because of this extra free service, there would be a probability of repeat customers to pick up more gifts from your site. Thus, they end up spending more.

To conclude, there are various ways to boost traffic. Its best to keep it simple and straight forward as possible. Keep offering discounts and freebies where possible. The more the discount, the better. Create the websites to load within seconds. Always offer great customer service to keep customers satisfied.

Also, It’s good to keep in mind to diversify the traffic that comes to your website. If your primary traffic source fails, it would be the end for your business.

In simple words:

No traffic, no leads.

If there are no leads, it means no sales.

No sales equals to no business. No business owner wants that.

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