Regional Expansion and Growth

Project: Regional Expansion and Growth


Business Category: Tax Consulting & Auditing


About the Client:

OAKS Business Associates is a multi-discipline tax consulting firm, managing the central and northern region of the country.

Serving different corporate and individual clients in central region and satisfying their requirements with regards to company registration, tax registration, bookkeeping, accounting, auditing and tax return fillings.

OAKS Business Associates has an aspire to be the become the region’s hub spot for all of business registrations and tax requirements.


OAKS Business Associates had a difficulty to manage and operate distant and south regions clientele as the lack of presence in the region to meet operational requirements.

Our Solutions:

Due to our extended operations and having clientele in all parts of the country, we did not find it difficult to find and collaborate a business associate in South region of the country and arrange a strategic partnership between both the companies based on a %age sharing of the matured business.

OAKS Business Associates expanded their operations and client network across the country at no major capital investments.