Mahandru Associates expanded its operations from UAE to USA.

Mahandru Associates is excited to announce the launch of its new office in Virginia – USA.

With having its existence in Middle East, Pakistan and Europe since a decade now, USA expansion is the part of the company’s mission of being a global organization.

Mahandru Associates US office will cater the complete business migration services including business acquisition and immigration assistance such as investor visa and green card services for the aspirants from all over the world.

As ancillary services, the office will be fully equipped with veteran business consultants to furnish an ongoing business support and consulting services such as market research and feasibility studies, competitor analysis, growth strategies to assist the investors in whole business cycle by drafting and achieving their business plans.

Mahandru Associates is committed to provide a fusion of innovative and fully integrated industry-focused business consultancy, state-of-the-art technology, tools, seasoned and sophisticated methods tailored to actively satisfy the corporate expectations of connoisseurs in the most creative way and help business entrepreneurs improve their business portfolio, processes and performances.

Expressing Mahandru Associates commitment, Founder & Managing Director Mr. Raheel Sheikh said, “We are delighted to announce this expansion that will help enhance the services and solutions we offer to our clients and to satisfy the corporate expectations of connoisseurs in the most innovative way.”

Taking about the economic contribution of the new office, Mr. Sheikh, enlighten his vision of attracting $30M as foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country in 3 – 5 years down the line. Also, the office will be capable of creating job opportunities in USA as the company plans to hire 12-15 US national employees.

Mr. Sheikh has further expressed the company’s commitment in making the new tie ups and strategic partnerships with local business brokers and licensed immigration attorneys in quest to deliver the best services for its clients as a one stop shop for business migration requirements.

Mahandru Associates is also able to connect US corporate clients to the resources necessary for business expansions and alliances in UAE.

Clarity and transparency remain our main objectives. We continuously strive for excellence, authenticity and reliability to ensure the trust and loyalty of our respected clients. Company growth, longevity and market leadership remain our constant ambitions. We consistently provide informed consultations and first-class service tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Mr. Sheikh added.


About Mahandru Associates

Mahandru Associates is a boutique consulting firm, engaged relentlessly in providing a constant and consistent advisory service regarding business management and investment migration to multiple destinations across globe to the High Net Worth Individuals. Thanks to the resilience of its forward-looking vision and a robust adaptation to an ever-changing economic environment, Mahandru Associates has maintained stable growth and is in a condition of strength with which to enter a new era of expansion.

At Mahandru Associates, we realize the indulgent objectives and requirements of Investors, Entrepreneurs and Businesses and strive to materialize them with the highest level of integrity and diligence to gain the maximum satisfaction in most efficient, cost effective and time-saving manner.

Mahandru Associates offers a blend of inspiring intelligence and flawless execution that grows beyond imagination. Braiding together integrated business strategies and nurturing unique campaigns, we go that extra mile to ensure that we are at the top of our game.



Mahandru Associates LLC

2000 Duke Street – 345,

Alexandria 22314, Virginia,

United States of America

Call: +1-571-320-7182


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Mahandru Associates receives Quality in Business Certification

3rd of July 03, 2019 Dubai, UAE. Mahandru Associates is proud to announce that has been awarded the Quality in Business Certification from the International Trade Council (‘ITC’). As a global peak-body Chamber of Commerce, the ITC offers independent certifications that show an organization’s adherence to global best business practices as benchmarked against the ITC’s Quality in Business Standard.

To receive certification, Mahandru Associates passed a stringent and comprehensive audit covering 16 key sectors, 96 core criteria and 249 compliance indicators.

To maintain the Quality in Business Certification and to ensure the public of the continued quality of our brand, Mahandru Associates has agreed to the ITC certification requirements, which include audits of our facilities and products at any stage. This certification is not mandated by any regulatory agency but was sought out voluntarily because of Mahandru Associates’ commitment to continued quality and the satisfaction of our customers.

“About Mahandru Associates”

Mahandru Associates offers bespoke service experience, rich in Investment Management & Consultancy, which simplifies complexity and is supported and sustained by long – term relationship with our clients. Mahandru Associates consistently provide informed consultations and first-class service tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. Clarity and transparency remain our main objectives. Mahandru Associates continuously strive for excellence, authenticity and reliability to ensure the trust and loyalty of the respected clients. Company growth, longevity and market leadership remain the constant ambitions.

“About the International Trade Council”

The International Trade Council is a 64-year-old peak body Chamber of Commerce representing government export agencies, chambers of commerce, industry associations and businesses from 176 countries. To learn more about the International Trade Council please visit To learn more about the Quality in Business Certification please visit

“Contact Information”

  • For inquiries about the Quality in Business Certification program:
  • Rachell Santos
  • Global Quality Compliance Manager
  • Phone: +1 202 869 0988
  • Email:


FasterCapital’s First Round of Funding 2019

Dubai, UAE, 21st March, 2019: FasterCapital (a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE) has finished its first round of funding on 16th, March, 2019. FasterCapital has attracted more than 250 submissions from more than 60 countries. The results will be annouced in four weeks time. This round is dedicated for startups interested in the incubation program where FasterCapital comes as a technical cofounder and invests up to 75% of the seed funding in each accepted startup.

FasterCapital closed the round with the annoucement of accepting a new innvovative startup from Australia (Bubble.Global) into its incubation program with an investment of usd 150,000.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City, UAE. FasterCapital has more than 24 graduated startups, 25 startups in incubation program, 270 startups in the acceleration program plus more than 680 regional partners and repersentatives and 200 offices worldwide. FasterCapital has invested more than 13 million USD since its creation in 2010.

FasterCapital has more than 100 internal developers with different skillsets who are already working on multiple projects.

Startups can apply to join our Virtual Incubator at: 

Contact info

Name: Mr. Faisal Khamees
VP of Operations at FasterCapital
Phone: +971 5558 55663

Name: MR. Terry Crospy
Mentor & Investor at FasterCapital
Phone: (512) 400-0256

Name: Mr. Raheel Sheikh
FasterCapital’s representative in UAE, USA, Poland & Pakistan
Phone: +971 55 994 7860




Residency & Citizenship by Investment industry has gained substantial growth and popularity since last 2 decades and it has crossed the benchmark of Millions of Dollars economic contribution in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to various countries across the globe whoever offer such Legal & Congenital programs.

The list of countries offering Residence and Citizenship Programs or Investment Immigration (Golden Visas) is constantly increasing and attracting more and more affluent High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Individuals across the globe due to Benefits and Advantages associated with it.

Residency and Citizenship by Investment leads to the Naturalization and/or Acquisition of Citizenship/Passport by a Foreign National upon a significant monetary contribution in terms of Investment or Donations to the Host Country with the sole purpose of obtaining a liberty from the manacles imposed by the virtue of ancestral origins.

Residency and Citizenship by Investment comes with certain freedoms, such as;

  • Freedom of Global Business Expansion
  • Freedom of Global Mobility
  • Freedom to Live & Work Globally
  • Freedom to choose best education for next generations Globally
  • Freedom to choose the best medical services available Globally

Residency & Citizenship by Investment services encompasses;

  • European Residency by Investment
  • European Citizenship by Investment
  • Caribbean Citizenship by Investment
  • European Residence by Business Incorporation
  • Business Investment Program for USA, UK & Canada


Residence & Citizenship Investment program pool based on Investor’s budget and requirements is given as below;

Permanent Residence by Investment Program;

  • Cyprus Permanent Residence by Investment Program
  • Greece Financial Independent Residence Program
  • Greece Residence by Investment Program
  • Malta Residence by Investment Program
  • Spain Golden Visa Residence Program
  • Portugal Golden Visa Residence Program
  • Ireland Residence by Investment Program
  • USA EB-5 Residence by Investment Program
  • Canada Permanent Residence by Investment Program

Citizenship by Investment Program;

  • Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Malta Citizenship by Investment Program
  • Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

(Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia)

Residence by Business Corporation;

  • Business Formation & Residence Program in Poland
  • Business Formation & Residence Program in Belgium
  • Business Formation & Residence Program in Lithuania
  • Business Formation & Residence Program in Greece
  • USA E1 & E2 Business Investment Programs
  • UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Program


It is now about 6 years since Portugal has officially started, first of its kind in the region, golden visa program in the last quarter of 2012. Since then, more than 6000 foreigners and an additional 4000 of their family members have obtained the promised residency permit of which more than half of these are from the people republic of China.

When it all started, the first 500 applicants who have applied and obtained the residency permit in the year 2013 was very much hoping for the day when they will eventually be eligible to apply to be naturalized as a Portuguese citizen, which happens to be right about now. Even though the residency permit issued for foreigners has helped a long way in managing their travel and investment requirements, the ultimate reason behind participating in these programs, as expected, is all about the status quo surrounding European citizenship.

The Portuguese citizenship law actually requires an individual to maintain a residency permit from Portugal for 6 years (5 years of TRP and a subsequent 1 year of PRP) to be eligible to apply for naturalization. It also states that each applicant should possess enough knowledge of the Portuguese language and has effective links to the national community. It is the latter two that are a bit vague to interpret and will make the procedure more subjective than any of the investors will like it to be.

Other investor residency programs in Greece, Spain, Malta and alike, that has been launched following the footsteps of the Portuguese golden visa should also take a good look on how events will unfold in the coming months, as this will be a proper learning curve in approaching the controversial citizenship issues that will automatically arise in due time after maintaining these golden visas for some time.

Mahandru Associates is one of the highly regarded names in the MENA region in advising investors interested in the Portugal Golden Visa Program.